What Do I Do Now?

The Dos:

  1. Stay calm and take the time to stop and breathe
  2. Listen to her and be supportive
  3. Be honest and clear with her and yourself
  4. Gather all the facts
  5. Remember that she doesn’t want to go through this alone

The Don’ts:

  1. Don’t Run
  2. Don’t make a hasty decision
  3. Don’t forget that your voice matters
  4. Don’t pressure her

We're Here For You

First Care Women’s Health is committed to ensuring you are met with a safe and comfortable experience at our medical clinics. Whether you choose to visit one of our in-person centers or to schedule a telehealth visit, we strive to create a confidential space where you can be open and honest about your questions and feelings, without fear of judgment.

She Doesn’t Want to
Be Alone

That's why we are here
to support both of you.


My girlfriend came here when she first found out about the pregnancy and they were really nice and helpful during both times she came! I would highly recommend to come here.
—Jorge, Client
Me and my wife went there and were amazed by the care we were offered, great staff, great services all for free of charge, I highly recommend this facility.
—Kapri, Client
The conversation of what’s next helps you put the situation in a different light and made me feel more confident.
—James, Client

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